@OneManWolfpack @jorgefernandezcnp @JJDP @txchick57 @DOABadLuck @JDPJDP @Dennyboy1 So youre saying Black Scholes and options pricing leaves arbitrary opportunity?… Here let me rephrase… You’re saying that using Black Scholes and options pricing (Black Scholes) leaves arbitrary opportunities and that computers can’t calculate faster than you to take advantage of this arbitration before you?… Sure…….. All I care to show is that going long puts 24/5 like Jorge was all over the UVXY board preaching for weeks with that big ass mouth, doesn’t work as a long term strategy. You’ll get wins here and there because of Tracking Errors and Vol Regimes, but rest assured those puts Jorge and whoever else buys aren’t sold by dumbasses. Decay can be tracked, and put premiums calculated appropriately.. It can only go so far down in a span of time.