$EEENF [New Investors and Watchers] Before you Buy (or Sell) 88E, please take the time to review the material, data that has been compiled on this board for more than 3mos. Review the 88E website, look at the announcements specific to 2021. You are free to burn through my thread on $EEENF, where I have discussed at length NPRA v ANWR, Upcoming Catalysts, COP, the COP v Alaskan Native lawsuit, Peregrine, Umiat, Icewine and Yukon, OS, Dilution, Liquidity, Multi-Listed Securities, Capital Structure, management, valuation models and more. Questions-? Ask the board or me directly. Unlike many ST boards, this one and its members have literally gone out of their way to educate existing/new investors. The Company is creating strong value here at a measured pace as we progress into drilling season 2021/22. 88energy.com/announcements/