$AUNXF Q2-2022FY has the opportunity for considerable growth, and here are some of the mechanisms. The Trey/MHP acquisitions have completed, now with additional time to assess resources and potential from these assets. The KayJay pipeline completion brings 20 additional wells online. The 4-4 drilling program (vertically integrated) can provide new resources. The spot markets for Oil/Gas were outstanding in 2021, continuation planned for 2022. Q1-2022FY financials attributed $0.0 revenue to the Elite partnership, but this should start this quarter with massive potential across all resources thereafter and under more favorable state/local authorities. NG sales were lower in Q1-2022FY, attributed to distribution channels (demand/supply were there - streamline distribution and sales will rise substantially). The Company has a sizeable reserve to leverage pricing power on the spot market. LNG is becoming an increasingly important export specific to Europe. cdn-api.markitdigital.com/a...