@KitCat @Dm85749 That's fair. You are probably on the conservative side for estimate and I am on the aggressive side. Until we know actual price of the drug, our estimates are more SWAG. That being said, I will be hedging my investment all the way up until $50, if it gets there, and then will have to think about opportunity costs for the remainder at that time.
@TRVN_Hobbitt @KitCat @Dm85749 I was thinking that I should copy/paste you onto the website, then realized that I had already : ) trvn.weebly.com/so.html (see bottom of page for your quote) Also, in regards to "Until we know actual price of the drug" see the first orange arrow in the upper left quadrant, "Formulary stakeholder feedback supports ~$100/day". Footnote 4 reads: Based on daily dosing in ATHENA "real world" open label safety study and 2020 CRA pricing study. The price for OLINVYK has not been established.
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