$PTI Upon further research, as I always attain to do, I have noticed that not only is the triplet study 28-days but it is the using the highest dose potentiator PTI-808 and highest dose corrector PTI-801, along with 10 mg of PTI-428 (amplifier). why is this important? That's because one cohort in the triplet phase 1 used high dose 600 mg PTI-801 with low dose 150 mg PTI-808, along with PTI-428. The other cohort implemented again 600 mg PTI-801, but the potentiator PTI-808 was only 150 mg, with PTI-428. In essence, the phase 2 studies not only bring all the highest doses (best doses together) but they are also modeled exactly after Vertex's triplet studies in that no patients have rapid pulmonary decline or bacterial lung colonization. Plus the extra 14 days should be better. Lastly the phase 1 studies had broad population, while this time studies are set as homozygous and heterozygous populations.
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