$CLVS Please vote for the Board Chairperson of the year. We know what that Ginger person is. Who allowed the company to be diluted to oblivion at $5 a piece. Who went against the shareholders voice to allow Pat to vote AGAIN for prop 2 … and failed miserably to increase the outstanding shares to 250 million Who continued to support the SEC fined/disciplined CEO and shady management that failed to deliver financially and operationally at all fronts. Who didn’t link the CEO’s perfromance and compensation to actual revenue/profitability and allowed to continue the smooth SP sailing from $100-5 Who has no clue how the company with dismal sales and 3 quarters of cash left is going to deliver on its erratic promises of leadership in nuclear medicine and parp expansions with useless combination trials. And yes Someone who is really good at baking Congrats Ginger for being elected as the chairperson of the year. You and Pat are doing heck of a job!!