$CDEV okay a few things that need to be addressed... at this point a reverse split is a real possibility and anyone that says anything to the contrary is an idiot or blind and well both are bad. We also need to think about liquidity. This company is relying on a line of credit to get by. I know they said that they will be cash neutral but come on guys add things up. Last quarter end they had what $5MM in cash??? Oil is dying and the longer you guys hold out to maybe get this to $1 the longer you lose out on better opportunity. Yes we will need oil for the next 10-20 years for sure but we will constantly be fighting with the Saudis and new technology. I will finish with a second time telling you to buy EV technology like $WKHS and $DPHC like I did before. There is actual money to be made there still and if you listened to me before when I posted this you would’ve saved yourself a world of hurt. Hoping somebody heeds this warning.