@Bjorgum @Milofoxy Very interesting Bjorgum. Thanks for weighing in and the explanation. A question if I may, and I'm being serious. Can you explain what HungryEarner is trying to say with his parallel/analogous themed posts where he's commenting on shared patterns between SEEL and other equities? I can't follow his explanations, but figure there may be genuine technical principles in play, so just curious.
@adoddere @Milofoxy Hungry earner talks in his own technical terms to make himself sound in a league of his own to trick ST posters into thinking he has some divine control. He actually does mean certain things by his language, surprisingly its not all jibberish, but when it comes down to it he's only ever right because he can chart well. If he is bearish here, its nothing more than a longer time frame with a bearish possibility. My opinion is stay defensive and watch out for bearish rejection on my above setup ^^ because this head and shoulders hit resistance and is looking at momentum loss on the weekly. If it rolls over it can get ugly in a hurry if the weekly hits reversal. Its an uphill battle until those momentum headwinds can lift