$LCID The Saudi PIF and Lucid I highly doubt (99% Confidence Level) the Saudi PIF freeze ending soon will result in the Saudis selling any shares. Not one share will be sold. Anyone who disagrees with me is more than welcome to post your reasons (and links to credible sources) why you believe the Saudis will sell any of its Lucid shares. But please be constructive and post facts and not FUD. My key reasons why the Saudis won’t sell Lucid stock #1 Lucid is a jewel company in the Saudis initiative to transition away from their reliance on fossil fuels to high tech manufacturing. The Saudis are investing billions into their plan to become the leading high tech Gulf country, and to achieve that goal they’ve been investing in Lucid since 2018. They also invested into Tesla, but more about that later. Continued on next post… businessinsider.com/saudi-a...