$CGXEF Yikes.... that spike in that chart reminds me of May 2020 when I got caught in a pump and dump with Nordic American Tankers when Cramer promoted them on his show. It was during all that floating storage of crude on tankers. Who promoted this one to make this an even sharper spike on the way up and on the way down. That even looks worse than what I was caught up in. That NAT stock never really recovered either after that. Maybe there is still hope if CGX still finds oil. Heard what happened with NAK, EEENF, and now CGX from that RECAF board. Hope for whoever held on that you find oil. And for those that lost a lot. Somehow I hope you make it back. I know it is a hard lesson to learn. Painful to the pocketbook especially in times like these. The price does look tempting though for me to put some in but with oil weakness still floating around I may tranche in with small amounts. Only have a little dry powder left after RECAF & URANIUM.