$LLKKF Lakers, I know sometimes its a bit boring to own our stock. But remember that slow and steady wins the race. Look at our BEAUTIFUL 6 month chart and compare that to one of our competitors, $RHHNF, recent action. Which would you prefer as a long term investment? A stock that drops 40% after hitting its ATH in just 2 DAYS? Or a stock that forms a TEXTBOOK cup n' handle after hitting its ATH over the course of 2 MONTHS? There is no question. We own the Golden Egg. Be patient and know what you hold.
@keith0301 Forgot to mention this pump and dump moron, 64% off the highs in 7 trading sessions, till it bottomed 70% off their highs in 4 months. And cup and handle you mentioned is not what your beady eyes see on LLKKF chart. Barely hanging on that handle with volume, about to puke quite hard.