$TRVN Hey folks, just tossing this out before I go on a mass blocking spree. I don't come here and post too much...dont need to. But Im done seeing the whiney ass comments about "when's a PR coming", "we need news" and "management doesnt have a clue or know what they're doing" and lastly "Carrie sucks". Maybe you did some homework here, maybe not. Has come along way the past 6 months. News just came out, perhaps you didn't like it...me, kinda neutral, not what I wanted to hear about 027, but news and a time period to have patience and look forward to non the less. If ya dont know what ya own and have a plan to trade however you see fit, why are you here whining and complaining all the time...or why do you just show up on a run and ask/say the same shit over and over! Shit gets old, makes me not want to have anything to do with this board. Solution, mass blocking spree coming up! GL ✌