$MMAT Looking at these posts, now I know why bears call us delusional. Damn people! We are shareholders not a bunch of lemmings! I will go down with the ship but I'll be damn if I'm going down without screaming to the captain to do the obvious. If you are a Shareholder--Owner--of $MMAT and think that everything is going to be okay simply because you hold a great idea, you're in over your head. I did my dd on this company and believed in the tech and understood the complexity of the merger. However, I also assumed that there was a game plan to combat the obvious sitting duck situation the company put itself in with this reverse merger. I will continue to hold but I'm resigned to losing all my investment in $MMAT. My only hope at this point is that retail investors, whales or tute saves us--not the Captain. We will know for sure by the end of next week If you see no PR. Until then, I will continue to scream at my captain.