$ALT Anyone think it is odd that Lion fails to answer? I love this stock and have been long here for many months how ever I did learn my lesson with Lion over 7 weeks ago when he went crazy pumping SPCB saying it will be $2.00 by EOY and it was .90, I know it is a good stock and it spiked to $1.50, also look at EMAN, he said would be $1.00 by end of last week and set a record for pumping. I have never seen him push a stock harder than EMAN and still it sits at .60. I would bet my portfolio that Lion sold his ALT shares into the spike the morning after his PUMPING. These guys drive me crazy, Ultracalls does the same. They sell into their pumps folks, that is a fact. Also bragging about buying 150,000 shares of ALT, now I am adding another 100,000 shares??? He is a pumper who dumps into his followers, this is a very common practice here. A good rule to follow is NEVER follow a pumper, I know they pick great stocks sometimes but they sell the pump, Believe That!!!
@Got28k ALT is a great stock, just look at during the melt down Jan. Feb. March never ever dropped much because they have serious value! Total lack of PRs but great value here imo.