$IBIO hopefully people who sold off miss the big jump. They deserve it. This company didn’t magically get dropped from ARMI. They didn’t magically lose their fast glycaneering or CC pharming deal or United therapeutics deal. They didn’t magically lose their ability to produce rituximab with amazing potency and potential to make other drugs and vaccines with the same power. Their Texas darpa challenged plant didn’t blow up. The FHG lawsuit didn’t disappear. The POSSIBILITY of an RS was always known but in no way guaranteed or even expected yet. What would make you sell?... oh you think you can time the market? Great then show me your billion dollar account because that’s what you should have if you could time it. Did anyone forget what kind of potential this company is sitting on? If this falls to .20 or whatever then it doesn’t mean a damn thing unless you sell and lose your chance at watching this gain. But please lock in those losses. Christ people
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