$KTOV did anyone else Notice on page 8 of form S-1 filed by BCTG, they remain exempt from certain rules as an emerging growth company until they reach an annual gross revenue of, drum roll please...... 1.07B. And the final proceeds of the Lilly loan after taxes and fees is 1.07B. And BCTG mkt cap is exactly 1/5th of that number. Lines up pretty well as the cash portion of an 80/20 RTM to make it tax free. Which is the only method used to acquire public Israeli companies by foreign companies. No wonder webull won’t change their BVPS lol the SPAC is RTM kitov for roughly 1.07B. Lilly’s loan seems like the perfect amount of money to be pumped into the SPACs revenue for purchase. I will drop my mic if I can’t be proven wrong.
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