$KTOV I don’t think anything major gets announced tomorrow or at this conference but my question is this, if Isaac and team didn’t try for shit last week, then why spend the effort, time, and money on the London conference this week. Furthermore if Isaac claims we are fully funded on both trials until 2024, then what’s the point of the 1 on 1? Apparently it’s not money? Cm-24 already has Bristol collaborating and nt-219 has erbitux as a registered trademark on the fda page meaning it’s coming from a name brand source... so what exactly is Isaac and team looking for? More institutional investors? Ok fine then why half ass last week and why pull out of the February one long ago... neither makes sense. So if it’s not money, collaborations, or institutional investors, what is going on? Bert liang and rowinsky aren’t stupid... and none of their moves fits anything that makes sense. Fully funded, no effort, collabs and name brand drugs already exist for them... why London?
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