Long lower wick... shoulda bought EOD @Marcos7 oh and make no mistake, I’m the biggest perv in this place... I’m just playing at being 😇😉
@BlazzyZ That Tesoroabejita is a long upper wick. Low wicks burn up and upper burn down. Outside of a relief bounce, down she goes.don’t trust these fools, it’s what kept you committed to a burning dumpster for so long. 🦋
@Marcos7 haha, that is right, got nervous I missed an opportunity to recoup some losses. Honestly you are the first person I’ve decided is not a Chinese 🤖. That’s how I felt using this app for years. Oh and Viper also convinced me I am actually speaking to humans. 🤣😂 I trust no one. All these years I’ve listened to my own ignorance, that is all. No one influenced me. Why do you think I unabashedly investigated you? Sorry..again.
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