$AVXL If you are not long on this stock then today is probably your last chance to unload at this high of a price. Starting next week this is crumbling back down to single digits. The only thing that held it up was option expiration today. Volume today proves it. No interest in this stock and the only reason it is where it's at is because of the pump and dump and it could not even sustain that for 1 day. Slow bleed since then and with expiration's today coupled with dilution and declining volume and interest. Look out below.
@Blizzard3ffect you're a fuggin idiot. It's near 12.5 simply because that's where the MM sold a relatively high volume of calls and puts. The stock has more than doubled over the past 3 weeks, and is up a couple percent from 2 weeks ago. You're too big a pussy to hold a short on the stock, and you have no money, hence the reason you're shilling for a hedge fund for 25 cents / post
@J60611 lol, TFF You are not very bright are you. It is at 12.50 because of the pump and dump. Hence why it is nowhere near the 28 it was at. So if you want throw numbers around it is over 100% DOWN. You are too dumb to have this conversation with. Move along kid. I already made big money off this pump and dump trash fire.