$DWAC $SPY The EU Deep State = US Deep State = CCP Deep State = UK Deep State = Australia Deep State = Canada Deep State = Japanese Deep State = Swiss Deep State. They are all one the same. The ones that control the fiat currency and the central banks are the true deep state, and they sit like a fat bulbous spider at the center of an international web, sucking the wealth of the nations dry like a vampire. Jacob Rothschild and the Rothchild Syndicate are the true deep state. Ukraine is important to them because it is their ancient homeland, the homeland of the Luciferian Cabal. Their underlings are the governments and the secret societies behind the World Economic Forum, the UN and the Covid Fourth Reich. There are even Covid 'contact tracing' patents for a dystopian digital slavery system in the Rothschild family name, pre-dating the 2019 Plandemic.
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