$EROS The massive and very brilliant Mike Tyson deal still can’t be announced due to SEC regulations as it would affect the stock price. It will officially be announced once the merger closes along with the rest of the great news. They have, however, intelligently telegraphed it to investors . Also, anyone who knows how high end investment banks work with their clients on deal of this magnitude would agree that Citi, as Eros’s main advisor, would refuse to work for Eros if Lulla decides to venture in a different media deal with Tyson while they are heavily invested in this merger to create value for the new company. It’s simply not serious, messy, and unprofessional especially from an optics point of view. This would also hurt Citi’s brand who is banking on turning around this company through the merger with STX towards it’s true value. Tyson and eros investments is clearly part of the equation and it will be announced post merger under the Eros-STX umbrella.
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