$EROS Citi: So, Mr. Lulla, thank you for choosing Citi for the strategic review. We are glad to have offered our know how and especially our sophistication in dealing with financial markets to augment your companies value and take Eros back to where it belongs. The new merger will be a game changer. Once it is officially announced, we can proceed with sharing with the world all of our hard work. The bond investors already know it as you can see with the price of the bonds. They’ve never been higher and are the best indicator of a companies financial health. Smart money. Lulla: Thank you, when my good friend Mukesh Ambani recommended you I never doubted this would be a great match, we think the world of you. One last thing: It’s now a question of honor for myself and my family. Please don’t forget to teach those shorts a lesson. The lies and manipulation they have propagated in order to orchestrate thier hit job can’t go unpunished. See continuation below please:
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