BUILDING YOUR DIVIDEND PORTFOLIO THREE UNDER $30 STOCKS YIELDING OVER 7% If you wish to become a investor, but can not afford expensive stocks consider these companies as building blocks of a diverse high yielding dividend reinvestment portfolio. In these times being invested in companies that have the ability to pay dividends in the midst of this economic crisis is important. Many dividend paying companies have suspended or cut dividends. But here are three stocks, in different sectors, under $30 a share that are paying 7% or more (based on May 22 stock price). Reassuringly, these are long established companies. $BGS at $22 a share it pays a yield over 8%! They make dozens of products with great brands you may recognize. Just Google them. You'll be amazed. You'll likely find you have a few in your kitchen right now. $WFC at $24 a share it also yields over 8%. Price may even drop a bit lower. If that happens don't panic. Long term it will be fine. $T at $29 a share it pays 7%.
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