$NAKD only play today till news bomb is delivered and buy play i mean i have nothing worth more to me personally than this stonk right here, expecting 5x now after Bendon updates JDR also put in the deal about NAKD shareholders being protected everyone forgets the actually “to do’s” it said it right in the sale we also gave Bendon a fat loan, and they owe us royalties, 35% for now, this is the company (in the current situation) that was choking us out remember? So if they turned it around with green- clean, customer first thinking, i cant wait to see what show case we got, hodls imo “will be rewarded” just like on the “price is right” we will have picked the grand show case in the end cant promise the confetti falling 🤣 maybe in vegas you can relive the moment with a little confetti shower 🤣🧙🏼‍♂️🐂💩 NFA