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    Bob Joined Jul 31, 2013


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      A 32 year old single mother of 2 that finally awoke and realized that life, spirituality, human interaction and nature is far more important than any amount of money. Im a swing trader for fun and long term investor. Have fun its only money!!
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      Eva Isabel
      Workaholic Budget Analyst / Adaptable Day Trader / Disciplined Swing Trader / Patient Investor / Hybrid Portfolio / Trust Fund Baby.
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      John McLaughlin - StockCoach
      Master Day Trading Coach (Stocks) - End big money Losing - Start big money Winning. - Income Potential: $300K+/yr (Authentic-No Hype) -- Prifile: - please Follow + Call for your Free Consultation - 949-218-4114
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      Christopher Smith
      2016 was my first year of trading and I finished up 104%. Found my groove swing trading. I am aggressively learning and using every loss and gain as a learning tool. Ears always open to advice, tips, tricks and resources.
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      Wentto Theelevator
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      The Don
      "You don't need a ton of resources to see your dream come to fruition. You just need a vision and the willingness to work hard." Free your mind - Be Water, my friend All posts are my own - not investment advice - do your own DD
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      Dawn Rinaldi
      Industry veteran and loyal student of markets. FT technical trader (supply/demand) Mastermind student of Online Trading Academy. I do NOT buy hi/sell lo. -Everything you need to know in the charts - listening. (NOT here for fees)
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      LINDA B.
      Mixed Media Artist, Medium, Single-Mom, & Major Multi-Tasker
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      I watched the little fish rushing in with the waves to grab tiny morsels that the big fish could not reach. For just the hope of getting a mouth full they risked being left to die in the sun, or to be swept out to the waiting big fish.
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      Mike Tinat
      Trading triple leverage $NUGT, $DUST, DGAZ, UGAZ. $TNA $TZA. My posts are DICTATED by the charts. I am not suggesting to buy or sell. Trade at your own risk. Always place stops if you do not have the financial back up. Do NOT ever use MARGIN!
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      Joe O'Connell
      Father of twin boys and a baby girl. Active market participant but not a professional. I take on risk but never greedy. I typically cash on 20-30% gains
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      Shayne Heffernan
      Shayne Heffernan holds a Ph.D. in Economics and brings with him over 25 years of trading experience in Asia and hands on experience in Venture Capital, he has been involved in several start ups that have seen market capitalization over $500m