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      Keith McCullough
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      Douglas Kass
      Founder and President of Seabreeze Partners Management, Inc., General Partner of Seabreeze Partners Short, L.P and Seabreeze Partners Long/Short L.P.
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      Warriorette- 1-full-time musician (singer), 2-single mom to an amazing 2 year-old and now 3-full-time options trader-very happy in all 3 wonderful and fulfilling endeavors. GURL power-girl with guts ;) @maetrader
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      Blowhard Capital LLC
      Trade the reality that is, not what you want it to be. Holder of something that begins with a C and ends with an FA. "Please don't feed the permabears." New followers note my prevailing attitude: snark
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      A 32 year old single mother of 2 that finally awoke and realized that life, spirituality, human interaction and nature is far more important than any amount of money. Im a swing trader for fun and long term investor. Have fun its only money!!
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      Money Girl
      Money is made to be spent. So make a lot, spend a lot. Buy High, sell Higher. Wealth isn’t really a number. It’s how you shop. The richer you are the less often you have to look at price-tags.
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      Full Time Budget Analyst. Mostly trade ETFs,Stocks and Bonds since 2006. I love being the underdog.Because no one believes.Until you make them doubt. they tease you. Until they can’t believe their eyes.They say you can’t win. And then you do.