$SPY $NASDAQ $DJIA Everyday, blood red. How do longs do it, taking a beating almost every single day? Very courageous (or stupid). I'm honestly curious. Get ready for the rally! It's coming. I can feel it. Or so misguided longs tell themselves each day. People are still comparing this to past crashes/recessions. If you really want to know when the bottom is, you need to understand this is a biological event not seen since 1918. Once you understand the virus AND the current everything debt bubble the central banks have created for us, THEN you'll start to comprehend when the bottom really is. I'll give you a hint: It's still a long ways down. The Feds used their nuke option today, and the market simply did a pump and dump. What's the Feds going to do next? Buy up all debt and cancel all of the debt they purchase?
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