$SAFEMOON.X Another perspective on all these shitcoins. It occurred to me that these copycats and weird new projects (all this shit like the porn coin, nftart, spore, et al) are actually GOOD for SFM. 1) They draw a lot of the pump and dump speculators away from SFM, which creates price stabilization. 2) They don't pull enough legit HOLD volume away to cost us any real "investors". 3) They tangentially affirm the concept of tokenomics. 4) The affirm the validity of SFM as a real coin. Nobody hops in and fakes a shitty unheard of soft drink, but everybody tried to copy Coke. The more people who rush here to say "I've found the next SFM" are the same as the people who forever pitched "this stock is the next Microsoft". People seeking after replicating something by definition establishes the original as a worthy goal. That gives SFM serious legitimacy. So, I have decided I no longer hate the "other coin spammers". They're simply validating our position in the crypto world as legit.