$EDSA Okay so, newbs... This is totally okay. This sucker dipped down to $4 before, and bounced right back up. In fact, that is what happened right before it spiked. So hold on tight. As I mentioned earlier, the entire market is in a slow bleed. Not a bad thing, perfect time to average down. I've been placing orders and not having much success getting them filled. Shares are tight. Don't let go of yours. Lets not forget the potential here... Previous announcements on EB05 and EB01 in 2019 led to over 500% gains that dissipated because the products were just being introduced to EDSA's pipeline, and although there was excitement there was nothing of fruition to see out of pipeline then. We are now waiting on Phase 2 trial results for EB05 and Eb01. EB05 being the one that has us on the edge of our seats. Match 2019 NEWS to this chart around late May, early June. Link to EDSA PR page: edesabiotech.com/news/