Which one of these oil stocks will give us a fighting chance to be great? The Pigs DD, parents don’t let kids invest by themselves please let them do their own DD! $HUSA has one thing going for them, having only two employees keeps the cost down and the lights on! Please keep putting your money into HUSA so that the employees can keep getting paid! Also they don’t own majority wells they only own 1-2% from a well which my credit card rewards points does a better job then that. The pig says no to HUSA!! Now for $ZN it’s in Isreal, the one place in the Middle East with no oil except for their neighbor Jordan who has no oil either! That’s why I’m not shocked when they always publicly release that wells keep coming up dry! Lilis is the little engine that WILL! Announced that they are seeking to put it up for sale! Now all these tickets have risk, but one has the most upside! $INPX just screwed everyone! Just my 2 cents, and my cents go to Lilis Energy! Pig is Uber bullish Llex!
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