$MULN šŸ“£šŸ“£šŸ“£šŸ“£šŸ“£šŸ“£šŸ“£šŸ“£šŸ“£šŸ“£šŸ“£ The reason DM wants to connect with Bazinga listeners , the dozen or so of them ..... is what ....???? šŸŸ£šŸŸ£šŸŸ£šŸŸ£šŸŸ£šŸŸ£šŸŸ£šŸŸ£šŸŸ£šŸŸ£šŸŸ£ In the hope he can lure in some new stakeholders who are not familiar with all the MULLEN news out.......and impress THEM with regurgitated pr..... Lets keep am eye on how many viewers there are...... Ad it seems it is more important for Mullen to "Connect" with them , than the current stakeholders