$AMRS ok let’s put it into perspective ladies and gents. This is Amyris old sold out factory at each category. I think we all agree that CBD is more per kg than biossance. Easy internet search of cbg alone would blow it off the map. Agree? Judging by the old vitamin e deal for the 2 quarters we got it... we were starting to get 30-40M dollars/year worth of that split. Split CBG in half would you? Even if you cut the total price in half then split it into half you still get $5000KG worth 100% pure margin. Biossance although it will be beyond meat of clean skin care... is a mosquito bite on an elephant as the scale of CBD will be a trillion dollar industry easy. You are lucky SOB to even know Amyris exists at these prices as it is only a mistake they chose fuel first.
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