$SPY $FB $AAPL $TSLA All of you dumb fucks claiming he wants to re-open America for his personal gain and his “buddies on wall st”. Well even if that were true and yes, they WILL benefit from America being opened again...have you not taken 1 second of your time to think of the impact this will have on 330 MILLION Americans? If the economy continues to be shut down, Trump will lose money, yes thats a fact, but are you so shallow minded as to not think of the consequences this will have on the American people? THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS will lose jobs, what of those living paycheck to paycheck? People in the restaurant business? Have you not thought of their livelihoods? Stop being so blind and filled with hate that you want to bash Trump every chance you get. His actions decide the fate of EVERY AMERICAN, good or bad. Not just himself and his henchmen. Look at the bigger picture. Fucking liberal snowflakes.
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