$CLOV Just thinking... Bullish but actually OUT (I sold 2 days ago, at 19.50), because in these days the battles was won from shorts, after a green week and about 300% more it was normal, I think. We all should find an agreement. What about if all longs close position, $CLOV goes quickly to 6,80/6.50 as 1 week ago and we all start again the play? the ones who have losses, will limit them instead of waiting a few dollars below, shorts can earn quickly his money, we fuk for a few days the institutional long investors (they aren't better thank shorts investors), and the same day we enter with lots of fresh money? What?? yes, just dreaming. Sorry. But it would be really easy, if all retailers, shorts and long ones, would find a way to work toghether. We are here to make money. We have to hate big investors, not the retailers. creating cyclics waves, when all enter with long or short positions at the same time. We are all here for tits...