$DJIA Well the constitution couldn’t protect this country. I feel sorry for us Republican supporters who are constantly called idiots, racist, nazis etc etc on here. Then the media will show the one person carry a confederate flag at the capital and label all of us as those kinds of people... it’s never end. Republicans fought to end slavery but now we are the racist. You cannot have any conversation with anyone on the other side. They don’t believe anything we say. It’s the same behavior by every single one of them. Any sources we use are labeled ‘right wing propaganda’, but their sources are apparently honest and accurate... How do you deal with that? It’s really sad, I’ve lost a lot of friends and I know many others going through the same thing. Brainwashing is the real pandemic.. Look at history... all evil leaders used it... and it worked. Take care stay strong. Maybe one day the truth will prevail.
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