$CLVS I love the idiots who say CLVS was $100! That was before all the diluting. That same $100 sp would be $50 today because of the dilutions. Now this new dilution further brings down value of the company and it affords them to pay salaries a few months longer, until they dilute again. They will dilute down to $3, and then when there is no more blood to suck out of this rock, Pat will sell it to the highest bidder for maybe $12 which will equate to 1-2 billion (not inclduing debt). Here's a better analogy: Pat will sell the house (that you paid 1 million for) when he's maxed out the credit cards, maxed home equity loans, about to foreclose on the mortgage, leaving the place in shambles while he buys cars, takes vacations, throws parties and then he will sell it for $300K to a house flipper. He will sell YOUR 1 MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE FOR 300K. Hope this simplifies it enough for the many idiots on this board to understand.
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