$NEOS For anyone genuinely interested in NEOS as a longer term investment, the most important data points to consider (IMHO) are that prescription volumes continue to increase and NEOS is seriously undervalued when compared to peers as is demonstrated on this attachment. I have to put my children through college so of course I worry about my investments. The fact that Goldman Sachs recently announced they've increased their stake in NEOS to over 5% somewhat allays those fears...and even more so my concern that the "market" is aware of something that I am not.. If GS is not an endorsement I do not know what is. Whether NEOS at $2.00 is a ~$120MM valuation or at $1.20/share is a $75MM valuation...they are all way under what the attached analysis suggests. NEOS offers enormous potential to double or triple your investment while the downside appears minimal at $1.46/share. Good luck.
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