$SPY $ES_F $QQQ #IWM been posting daily and weekly ichimoku's support/resistance/equilibrium levels.. sentiment 30% bullish, and large darkpool SPY money, USDJPY carrytrade pump.. many stocks approaching white kijusen pointed out at lows. some are testing it.. cloud equilibrium on daily far away for most but some like amzn nflx at it. ichimoku indicator was made to go with Japanese candle sticks and that what the formula of ichimoku is based on. ie how the cloud is formed. here is legend. it's great. theancientbabylonians.com/h... the weekly has very clear resistance levels.. ( cloud bottom, red tenkansen, white kijusens (kijusens are flat and have been awaiting price to come up and test it) ) some names/indexes are leading others. anyone charting ichimoku? i have a call out, so will try and post couple later. not sure which ones though. so many are interesting. Wild Party..! #SixteenCandles pattern
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