$AMD I really hope Apple is paying attention to this. They too were at the Brink, and they came back to become the World's Biggest and Smartest company. They have more than 200 Billion in Cash. AMD shares the story, and AMD will keep coming, as Apple did.
@BottomFrenzy @wader2k @Big_is_Better BottomFrenzy, the main issue with CPU's is that nobody will buy the inferior product, no matter how much you drop the price. Ask $AMD hey they were doing when Bulldozer was the #2 CPU in the world for a decade. Oh, they almost went backrupt. What do you think happens when Sunny Cove and Willow Cove come out on 10nm? We already know the new Intel cores have more IPC than Zen 2 cores, so the main hurdle Intel has to overcome is their manufacturing node (10nm and 7nm) and core counts. The smaller node should allow for more core counts, so the only risk/threat to Intel's next generation processors is clock speed. If Intel releases a processor based on Sunny Cove with more cores, higher IPC, higher clock speed and lower power than Ryzen, AMD growth in the market will reverse very quickly. That's a major risk I'm willing to take. The cyclical nature of the DRAM and NAND market is easier to predict. Cheers
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