$ACB clearly you are not a bright individual. I have been calling the direction all day, well before it happens. Anyone can can wish for movement, post an upbeat article, talk trash, but takes a bit of skill to predict movements. Part of being a day trader is keeping up with the movements of that stock. To say all day its going to go down and only down/vice-versa is just dumb. One has to be able to try and accurately predict the movement and assess the standing of your position....aka exit strategy. But just keep being Cute and acting like a kid..hell maybe you are🤷‍♂️, and im going to keep assessing the movement of the stock and making $.
$ACB @Brandon873 You need to get your direction right.
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@ACBBestofWeed @Brandon873 you have been hating on my post all day. If u don't agree with me then great, but why go out of you way to try and call me out and attempt to make yourself look all big and bad....Example below, post had nothing to do with you, simple my predictionon what would happem....and then guess what happened. Exactly what I described. Dont know what your problem is. Bad day because ur not making $$ ???