$OCGN Let me show you guys proof that learning to read charts is vital in your success in trading. Nothing is 100% perfect. However, it helps eliminate 70% of the guessing which is a big deal. Believe me when I say this will go to $100. I showed you the charts of OCGN. Let me show you an example of a chart I posted in June 2021 for SFIX. In the comments, I will post today's chart of SFIX. How was I able to predict this. I was off by only $5. It went to $70 and it drop back down to the bottom.
@Breakout710 ok. Sooo im not good at charts at all. I know i need to learn them but i have no teacher even to teach fundamentals. What kinda time frame r u showing for ocgn to hit that ? And would u mind including chart and kinda explain wat im lookin at ?