For those of you who are not paying attention, if Lightning eMotors $GIK is looking to scale to 25,000 vehicles by 2025, and their largest 3 vendors mentioend in their S4 is $AMZN $UPS and DHL, how much of this scaling up is based on communications from those 3? If you look at the Investor Presentation, there are more pictures of the Lightning eMotors Amazon vans than any other pictures ... why is that? This isn't a matter of if, it is when will the Press Release drop showing the size of the Amazon order? Amazon is a company that ordered 100,000 vehicles from Rivian who doesn't even have a plant completed. How big will the order to Lightning eMotors be? Will it be a 5 year order like with what Rivian and Lion electric $NGA got? Do you really want to buy this when the Amazon news is released and this doubles overnight? This is a clear 5 year secular trend coming up ... the bull run is about to begin .... we are weeks before the Biden Administration comes in with a Majority.
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