$KTOV Look I mean I haven’t been trading for long and still have tons to learn, but to me the chart is just screaming for a bounce very soon. Whether it be the golden cross on the 1 yr or the 200 inching closer and closer on the 6month, not to mention MACD reversing as well as the chart being extremely oversold as it is, below offering price, with several catalysts on the way AND an upcoming meeting..... not to mention 2 new tutes entered this week? I’ve never seen a set up like this before. It’s like everything is coming together for a massive pop. I mean seriously what other option does the chart have than to not bounce up?? Break down under .70? Maybe .60 at the absolute lowest. Going to be a very interesting next few weeks. Hang tight. Could be 500% gains coming for all of us. GLTA
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