$SNDL absolutely no one here invested in sndl bc of CBD bud, gtfo with that ish ...
$SNDL You guys don’t get it at all. Shorts set up to take a massive fall, like last time. Todays investment into Valens, a top money maker in the CBD space is just the start of many moves. You will see Valens team up with Sundial’s financial backing to purchase/partner with USA Cannabis Corps. Sundial recent investment of 188M into a fund, is another avenue of entry into USA Cannabis Market. Look for the investment fund to heavily back a couple of big time USA cannabis players. SNDL still has 700M left to invest/ buyout/partner. SNDL will benefit this QT from their 3 recent investment/partnership deals. With the launching of new products this past quarter, look for SNDL to have a break even or profitable quarter. All the right offs are now behind Sundial. I will again repeat myself Sundial’s recent/future investment of 1B, will bring in over 200M a year in profit. SNDL zero debt and a surplus of over 700M ranks #1 in the Market. SNDL is now partnered/invested in 5 other Corps.
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