$JD time to stay calm Longs.. The correction in so many crazily valued tech fliers was always coming and we would never have escaped the carnage. However, as the storm settles in the coming weeks, the market is smart enough to pick out the value plays, the stocks with strong cash flow, 25 to 30% earnings growth, improving net margins, and pre cvoid, during covid as well as post covid success stories... We've known all along JD was huge prior to covid, reinforced that position during covid and will be bigger than ever post covid. As Blackrock CEO said last night, online retail is here to stay and the winners will continue to flourish. JD ranks at the very top of that podium. So expect more volatility, but in the coming months I firmly believe we continue our upward trajectory, and journey towards 200 by year end. Step 1 is a huge earnings beat and positive vibe on the call.