$HTZ $HTZ I am new to this and have been trying to find a solid answer on my own but I know there are very smart people here that could help. I believe there are those of you who are here willing to teach and share your knowledge; I am here to learn. Yes, saw it coming call me a dumbass. An optimist who thought Hertz would really pull this off. Sitting on 12k at just under $4.20 Keeping emotion at the door I know this is going to tank further but I have decided to hold. I understand if it goes to 0 well, nothing from nothing leaves nothing. But am I right that even if it stays at .01 I can hold it out for however long it takes? I only lose my money if I sell for a loss or it goes to zero right? Is there a possibility the restructure will be short term or do these things have an expected timeframe. Thank you