@jooshpak @BringitGOAT @TheBrownBoy depends... Bankruptcy plan is approved by Judge and the plan says shares are proposed to be cancelled. But MDR is under SEC investigation. So question - will SEC allow to issue new shares??? If yes, then I think MDRIQ will stay at OTC and shareprice will go only down. If not, McDermott still needs to emerge from Ch11. I believe they acquired a lot lot MDRIQ shares for peanuts and they can give these shares to lenders/creditors/whoever. They actualy do not need to issue new shares because most if the company is in the hands if the company. This is my thinking and if correct i can quit my day job in one year ;)
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@Libor_ @jooshpak @BringitGOAT @TheBrownBoy these worthless shares are worth over 17% more than when @5h0073r_McG4v1n said they were worthless LOL. I was 1 of the people that lost way too much money here and it took me months to make it back, yet I refuse to sell because of all of the scamming that took place before they filed and my brain still thinks that this might pop one day.
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