$EYES Why I see value in this stock: 1. Symmetric triangle and rectangle pennant 2. Closed above all my sma lines 3. Higher lows second time in a row 4. MACD about to crossover 5. Former runner 6. RSI and MFI curling upwards 7. Tends to follow the path of its chart pattern based on prior history 8. TOS says ER is on 11/14 9. Weekly has a bullish engulfing 10. Cats have eyes and I like cats At one point it was in a downtrend for about a week until it closed with several hammers which on a downtrend shows a possible reversal for the bulls. The next day, it creates a very bullish candlestick that closes above both those two hammers. Today it closes with a stronger bullish candlestick that manages to close above all my sma. We can see it broke out a bit of the triangle and looks ready to breakout out of the pennant soon. AH has some big bids so it wouldn't surprise me if it ran tomorrow. This can be a day or a swing trade. Strong watch for tomorrow
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