$SPCE Just want to inform the good board members here, I’ve regained my sanity. I can explain the warrant situation to anyone that cares to ask now. I’m confident that I git the answers I’m looking for. The only thing I don’t know is something that perhaps no one does, like literally no one, which is where the leadership’s head is at with regards to whether they’ll force redeem them when they can. I‘m at peace with the details. It’s not ideal, but ideal would be too good to be true. I’d still say they may be the best use of leverage because of what amounts to the downside protection of almost 5 years of life. I will be long stock calls and warrants, will even dabble in synthetic long puts sold and maybe even sell covered some. But warrants will likely be a big part of the equation for me until they’re not. I got feedback from investor relations. The language is sketch, but the math isn’t.
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