$MVIS . I will continue to purchase an additional 100k shares before Tuesday. I highly recommend all people to take this opportunity and invest as much as you are able to while the price is under a dollar. For those who are holding on to this, the time has almost come. Do not sell! $3 is nowhere near close to what $MVIS will be on Tuesday..think double digits $10 and up , guaranteed. For those who have not purchased enough, now is your last opportunity to purchase some on Monday before the rocket takes off. Sell your house if you have to. You'll receive a couple of mansions in return. I am going to pull an Elon Musk here and speak hypothetically to avoid legal issues and securities fraud so I hope you catch my drift : Imo, based on data I received from a close source at Microvision, $MVIS stock price will be at a minimum $3 a share, but more realistically anywhere from $7-$13. Monday will be the last chance to buy this very lucrative stock.
For those who asked to see my account, well here it is. I am not active on this very much as I have other businesses to take care of but here is my advice: BUY BUY BUY ON MONDAY AND HOLD!!!
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